0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools

0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools
0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools
0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools
0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools
0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools
0 2ML 0 25ML 0 3ML 0 5ML Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically Conductive Glue Paste Adhesive Paint PCB Repair in Welding Fluxes from Tools

Product Specification

Particle Size: 1-10μm

Model Number: Silver Conductive Glue

0.2ML 0.25ML 0.3ML 0.5ML: Silver Conductive Glue Wire

Electrically Paste Adhesive Paint: PCB Repair



You are buying a Silver conductive glue / Paste for Electronics repair applications.
It's easy to be used. Just plug and play.
It's great for repairing defect traces / tracks or creating smooth jumpers on PCB board.
It can be used for repairing membrane switches.
It's perfect for both rigid & flexible substrates.
It's widely used in home supplies, (For example refrigerator, drinking machine, electromagnetic oven and electronic kettles etc.) electrical items (For example power, inventor, relay and SCR etc.) CPU in computer, LED display, LCD display, optical fiber communication equipment, controller, heat sink and LED etc.
Length: Approx. 12.5 cm
Weight: 8g
How to use:
1. Apply the silver glue / paste in the place you want.
2. After the desired tracks get covered, Please allow one hour for drying.
3. If you want it drying rapidly, blow it with a hair dryer for 5 - 10 minutes will be OK.
Package Included:
1 x Silver Conductive Paste
Do not remove the needle before use, and twitch back and forth to make the conductive silver paint fully mixed.
When using, remove the needle, squeeze the conductive silver paint, click a small amount of conductive silver paint with a needle, and draw a line at the broken line.
After the silver paint is drawn, blow it with a hair dryer or a hot air gun. Please pay attention to the temperature control.
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Commetns rousmicontbu.ml :
Good glue, fresh. Fixed the remote. Seller thanks

Until the moscow region 42 days. The paste came intact, has not yet tried.

I have not tried it yet, but i hope it is better than samopal from graphite and nail polish.

It came to krasnodar with a delay, has not yet checked, it was more than 2 months

Very long!!!!

Everything is fine. Fast shipping. Normal quality. Details: youtube. com/user/gt19555 facebook. Com/fusionlabbc

06.21 ordered, 06.26 the seller sent and 08.07 the goods took from the mail of ryazan. the product corresponds to the description.

D s-pb in 10 days put in the mailbox. Tried in action: suitable for low boots, for powerful power supplies is unlikely to fit. Good thing -- recommend

Got it. Packed in a thin package, but praise to the postal gods all intact.

Everything is fine. Evaluation five

I love this seller

Great glue!

Ukraine kremenchug, flew a parcel of ukr mail for 25 days, restored the tracks on the keyboard board which in turn is made of film because soldering was not an option. Everything works, a backlit keyboard and was poured tea a year and a half ago, now i'm happy))

Fully consistent. After drying and firing at 100 with track resistance 4*20mm was 8 ohms. After a minute of firing at 140 c decreased to 1 ohm. Adhesion is slightly worse than that of the contactor.

Good product takes almost 2 months for ordinary service,

Ordered to realize a powermod on a Playstation Classic, it works and the fact that it is a syringe is very practical. Very good.


fast shipping will test the product and leave a additional feedback

0.46 ml volt benne a 0.5 ml helyett. Közel 10% elterés.


I get my product, i hope it works, thank you very much!

26 days to Slovenia, well packed, as described

Came, i will check the quality of the sign.

Item received. how to check add


Does not stick and easy to wash off


To kemerovo, from the moment of order the parcel was 26 days. The package has instructions for use in english. I haven't used the case yet.

Item not received!!!

Perfect. Super fast shipping

It Took forever to get

There are accurate product description provided, received as expected, packaged well and all OK.

To repair the fallen terminal of the rear window heater fits very well

Packaging is excellent. The seller is well done.

20 days to moscow. 5 *

Good quality material

Quick shipping, accurate description, no problems at all. Recommendations! A+++

39 days, i have not tried it yet, i will additionally write off, i will restore the threads of heating the rear glass ....

Did not check

The description is very good. I got it. Thank you.

Dovgo sohne. Stream to hang the hanging.

I made a second order from this seller. The order for the second time did not come. Maybe problems with delivery due to small parcel. The seller did not return the money until the last.

Did not check as in the picture

I took not myself, i can not say anything. The parcel went as long as possible

Did not come

The goods came on time


In the kaliningrad region passed a month the syringe itself is packed in a sealed bag. i took on the stock of consoles and tracks on the keyboards to restore all the normal and the price is nothing.

Read the instructions! It should be dried at a temperature of 140c (hairdryer for example) or at room temperature of 2-3 days

Received thank you very much

Shipping is long. There is no one for a long time, it works properly.

Not used




Long shipping, but it \'s problems most likely our post, the track is not tracked, but the seller is not deceived! So you can order.

Glue came quickly. Applicable-good quality. Thank you seller!

Good quality, recommend.

The product corresponds to the description. The package reached krasnoyarsk in a week.

It came quickly. I haven't tried the case yet.

Has been shipped quickly and the package looks well-made; though I did not use it yet so can’t tell about actual properties. Note: when ordering please take into account that the quantity of the paste is smaller than may appear from the official photos - I put a matchbox on my picture to show the proportion.

all ok

Came for 3 weeks to kostroma. Until тестил

Microscopic. At the bottom of the syringe.

Doesn't seem to want to dry, and difficult to mix but I should be able to use it.

THERMAL PASTE, NOT Silver Conductive Paint Paste Wire Glue Electrically

The goods came a long time opened two times the dispute

thank. got it all. Until I checked. Unsubscribe later.

Good conductive glue. Fast shipping for a small surcharge

It came in a while ago but i couldn't prove it, everything looks great.

It came quickly.

Brought directly into the box. Thank you.

product arrived late. $ 1.94 charge on cargo delivery >:(

The goods did not receive.

It's okay, but it dries very slowly. Hairdryer-1 hour. Without hair dryer ~ 3-4 days

Long delivery, but otherwise everything is fine. I tried the glue on the buttons of the remote control tv. The remote has earned.

Great product

I'm very satisfied

The goods did not come, but the seller returned the money.

Did not receive, apparently the post of russia tried, it works for glory, ugh ....




Never arrived.

Thought it would be liquid. And it came thick. The needle does not slip. Took the pea and closed the ice light bulb. Thank You

Came quickly did not check yet


Thanks good product

Not yet.

Not tested but looks like quality item

20 days to moscow. all ok.

Thank you!

received a parcel thanks

The parcel reached moscow in 13 days. I ordered two pieces. Came without damage. Each syringe with a needle in a separate vacuum package. On the package there is an instruction in english. Glue tested on a children's toy. Glue did his task. Excellent replacement of the soldering iron if it is not at hand or its tip is too large and in cases where it is nowhere to connect. Such a thing should definitely be in instruments. Seller of good sales

Quickly, thrown in a box, all whole. Thank you

Very good glue

liquid was leaked inside packing

Delivery is 18 days, as i do not know yet. By volume exactly. If there is a bad material then there will be additional feedback. Let's see...

The order never came... The money was returned. Agreed if he comes, i'll pay. I will wait

super thanks

To moscow 65 days.

You can take

Great thing. I put her leds in the bulbs.


To ukraine g. Dnepr goods arrived on average in 20 days, i.e. In time, the transport company cainiao super economy predicted (delivery was not tracked). Conductive glue in syringe and vacuum packing (received without damage). At first glance, glue as a glue of its kind, i hope that with quality will not fail. I recommend both a product for purchase and a seller, as a sociable, decent and communicative person

The product is super, repaired the diode light bulb per minute)))

Hope it works king aliexpress

Arrived in 16 days from the moment of order. Very fast. All as in the description. Restored the tracks on the keyboard. Works.


The order came, like a normal state. I'll check the conductivity later.


Not used till now, but looks very professional stuff.

Received in almost 2 months, but it's not the seller's fault. Now it's all there is to prove it.

Thank you for arriving.

Shipping 15 days.

Came not to check.

Really good product.

It's very little driver and takes a lot to dry, i bought it to repair amazfit pace watch and i don't know if it worked, for that better buy silver paint or driver in an electronics store.

Very long went the goods.

conductivity is good but, mechanical properties for connection is very poor

I never received the order, the seller asked to wait, i listened. Now they write that time has expired. The council of dispute to open immediately and not wait.

It's okay. Only for a very long time.

Great thing. Thank you.

perfect quality

Shipping 17 days. Tv remote is alive. Ok

Pending testing, it's for a project.

The goods did not come. Apparently lost in the way. The seller returned the money.

Came very fast

Got, corresponds to the description, was not tracked.

All OK. Recommend

Delivery was so fast. The product quality is good. Thank the seller.

Fast delivery, good goods. Thanks to the seller.


I really like this seller

Delivery 118 days from the date of order. For those who are not in a hurry perfectly!

Still use larger but packaging goodie

as described

Thank you. Got everything. Until i checked. I'll sign it later.



I have not opened yet, but in each 0.45 mg. I don't think the seller's fault is haltura's at the factory. 5 stars.

Until i checked, i can not say anything, but before that i bought conductive glue, it was not in the syringe, but in the capacity and beside lay a toothpick, it was necessary to open this uncomfortable humility, and the zobochka try to smear, and put vertically this capacity was It is impossible, in general, what i wanted to do with glue i did not do, because with a toothpick it was very inconvenient to do, and even before heap all the glue spilled because of the uncomfortable capacity, with the syringe i think will be much more convenient.


Very good. Thankyou

Fast shipping. Thank you.